It’s a Wrap!

A wrap by DVF that is.  Every woman should have at least one of her wrap dresses in their closet because they are pretty timeless and fit any and every body so well..not to mention the silk jersey is great for traveling.  The material packs well and barely wrinkles.  And to top it off, this one has pockets!

DVF wrap dress

DVF wrap dress

DVF 2w   DVF 3w

Bracelets mine: Caymanite beaded one from Grand Cayman, Swarovski, and diamond.

Bracelets mine: Caymanite beaded one from Grand Cayman, Swarovski, and diamond.

Guess peep toed patent leather

Guess peep toed patent leather

Interview with designer Rebecca Minkoff

On November 7th,  Saks at the Polaris Fashion Mall in Columbus, Ohio welcomed accessible luxury designer Rebecca Minkoff to town.  She brought with her many of her new handbag and accessory designs as well as some fun and fashionable ready to wear items.  Saks threw quite the party that night with all sorts of fun entertainment and food like chocolate MAB handbags for desert and a nail and smoky eye-bar to name just a few of the happenings that were going on.  Read about those festivities here.

But besides purchasing a new bag from her line, most of  her fans that night were there to have their handbags autographed and to have their picture taken with her.  It was a great night for all but I had some burning questions I wanted to ask her along with some that came from you, my readers.  So what did I learn from the lovely, charming, and left handed Sagittarius (I’m assuming she is a Sagittarius as she had that on one of her necklaces) with the beautiful smile?

We talked about many things:  being a mom, her travels, pizza  and yes, fashion!

How long does it take for you to get a product from concept to realization?

The entire process takes about a year from start to being delivered to the customer.  As a matter of fact we just put the finishing touches on our Fall 2013 line.  Even when we get it close to being completed there are still tweaks that we do to a product before it is finally completed but yes, it takes about a year.

Do you prefer to sketch out your designs or to actually hands on construct it first?

I can’t sketch anything anymore because it would take up entirely too much of my time.  I miss doing that but I would be busy doing that for entirely too long.  We have hired someone who does all of our designing on the computer with my putting in input of how I’d like things to be with her doing the modifications until it’s to the point of being ready to be made.

How much of your business would you say is handbags versus apparel?

Right now I would say my business is 80% bags and 20% ready to wear.  It is hard in the industry for handbag people to go from bags to apparel but that is where I started out – in apparel – and I want to get back into it at a larger level; make it a bigger portion of my line.

What inspired you to put the sayings on your pouches?

At first it was just a couple of us just talking to each other coming up with the ideas.  When we started to run out of new sayings we canvassed everyone in our office until they ran out of ideas.  Now we run “Name our latest Pouch” contests for ideas.

What is the meaning behind the “Morning after Bag” name?

At the time of the bags creation, every bag designer was giving their bag a girl’s name and I didn’t want to do that so I thought about the bag itself and how it might be used.  At the time I wasn’t married so my thoughts were along the lines of someone who might go out with the bag and be gone from day to a long night and possibly need to pack some extra things into the bag to carry them over for the ‘morning after’.

Thank you, Rebecca.  I had a grand time meeting and hanging out with you.

Interview with jewelry designer Marco Bicego

On October 16, Saks Fifth Avenue in Columbus, Ohio had the pleasure of welcoming the fantastic jewelry designer, Marco Bicego, to their store for a trunk show and cocktail party.  Many ladies – some with their guys in tow –  came to see, try on, purchase and have Marco sign his name on their jewelry.  Besides the items that were already in store, new items from his latest Murano collection were brought in along with some show stopping one of a kind pieces.

The libations and appetizers were provided by Brio and as always they did a bang up job of it.  But for this event not only did they provide wine and champagne, they also had a bar set up to make martinis – and club soda with lime, my libation of choice – for the guests.  What is it about little finger foods or edibles on a stick that makes them so much more yummy?  Shrimp, chicken satay, bacon wrapped scallops (bacon and scallops? you had me at hello!) to name just a few of the offerings.  Afterwards there were little parfaits for dessert and coffee all the while accompanied by live music.


Emeralds, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, and other stunning semi-precious stones intertwined with his signature 18K yellow gold were on display to the delight of all in attendance.  Models were also there wearing his jewelry.   His skilled craftsmanship was amazing to witness as he was able to engrave his signature on some of the smallest of items.  Quite a few lovely pieces went home that evening.  But what about the man himself?  What inspires this oh so creative man with the adorable dimples and charming Italian accent? I was able to sit down with him for an interview.

You draw your inspiration from your travels and nature, why these?

Sometimes in life you don’t know why, it just happens.  I have received so many  influences from where I grew up in Italy and from all of my travels and experiences since I launched the  Marco Bicego brand in 2000 to now 12 years later.  I’ve changed my mind – my vision – every year.  The brand is continuously evolving, it’s about the evolution, but we still keep some timeless pieces like the Marrakech line.  It’s not new but it is one of my favorite collections that still I’m doing.

How long does it take for you to go from concept to finalization when you design a piece?

Sometimes from one idea it can take less than two weeks; it’s about the inspiration.   I just finished a couple of days ago some pieces that I have shipped out already.  For example, one year ago I put  some stones from my suppliers on the table in headquarters and I said what do I have to do to create a line or no?   Recently it was with some sapphires and I sat and thought about it…and within half an hour my heart said yes, go!  You have to sometimes go with your intuition.  I never know at times but it always has to be in the Marco Bicego style.  We may have a new color palette but we keep the same concept and style.

What matters most to you as a jewelry designer?

I’m the lucky guy to be the designer; I try to make the women who choose the Bicego brand happy.  I want women to enjoy their jewelry they buy and to come back later and say they are happy wearing what they bought.  When they tell me they wear their jewelry every day and receive lots of compliments, that really makes me happy.  I believe that fine jewelry is not about trends but about being timeless.  If  you buy a special piece you should be able to wear it all the time;  to pass  it on to your family; to your daughter.  For me that works.

Do you think any of your children will follow you in the family footsteps?

As a father I honestly hope so but I don’t know.  What happened with me becoming and being a jewelry designer had to come from the heart.  I have three children, one son and two daughters, and I hope that one or all of them takes the business and company but it has to come from their hearts too.

What part of the world might your next line come from?

Honestly you never know!  It could be just about anywhere.  It just has to be the right one – the right place and experience.

Grazie per il vostro tempo, Marco Bicego.  Ciao!

What’s the weather? Stripes, boots, and leather!

It got suddenly very very “crisp” outside so it was time to break out the boots and leather jacket along with a long sleeved striped shift dress.  I wore the dress with sandals this past summer (when it wasn’t scorching hot) and now transitioning it into fall.  Shopping in my closet strikes again!


Leather jacket – Wilson’s Leather   Shift dress – J Crew   Biker Boots – Saks

Can a slipper smoke?

Smoking as in “oh baby that is awesome” or smoking as in go outside for your cigarette break?  Who knows!  But apparently fashion does because I’ve seen a lot of flats lately that range from beautiful to just darn right odd with price points from very affordable to way out of my league that have been labeled as smoking slippers.  So what is a smoking slipper?  I know what a smoking jacket is having seen enough old movies but slippers?  All I can ascertain at this moment in time is that they aren’t your regular flats, not a ballet flat or oxford, but something a bit different.  Different but also easy to wear.   Comfortable and can go with practically anything.  I see no downsides here.

When looking at them from a different angle, one can see the “slipper” part…jury is still out on the smoking tag.  If you know the genesis of the moniker please share.

Photo taken @Saks 10022-Shoe  $650.00

When I saw these Miu Miu slippers the first thing I had to do was touch them.  They just scream “holiday party” don’t they?  Well, at least they did for me.  But these aren’t the only cutie slippers Miu Miu makes – check these out!

  Image from  Miu Miu  $650.00

Doesn’t this just make you want to click your heels together and say “There’s no place like home!” Oh fine! I know they aren’t ruby but you get my point.

Image from  Miu Miu  $650.00

These are just tooooooooo cute!

Image from $80.00

This rubber Melissa slipper can satisfy the animal print and smoking slipper trend all in one.

Jimmy Choo 'Wheel' Slipper Image from  $650.00

Just had to put this find in for my fave Brit person 😉  Jimmy Choo silver studs on fabric slipper.

Sam Edelman 'Alvin' Flat Image from $145.95

Same Edleman’s very colorful purple multi snake slipper.  Cute!  Also comes in black snake.

Image from  Studly-L for $99.95.

Media Image from  Panto $69.00

Another animal print – yay!

Sometimes you score at the Thrift Store

Some people have an amazing amount of luck finding things they like at resale/thrift/consignment stores.  It has been hit or miss for me…until this!  On a whim gave a local thrift store a go and found this gem.  An Escada cropped jacket for – wait for it – seven dollars!  Happy Happy Joy Joy


Escada jacket, Banana Republic shirt, 7 for all mankind denim, Saks 10022 suede booties, vintage from Ebay black patent leather cluth purse

(The first shot was taken when it was all lovely sunny…then it got cloudier and cloudier until it rained.)

Key To The Cure Tee

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and you will – if you haven’t begun to already – be seeing pink sprouting up everywhere.  Besides those who always wear their pink ribbons, you will be seeing more pink clothing worn this month live and in the media.  Food and drinks are going pink as well with many restaurants and stores offering special pink drinks and other food items.

But this isn’t about pink on others or food, this is about pink on you!  The designer Carolina Herrera has made a limited edition t-shirt sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue with 100% of the proceeds going to support Saks campaign – Key to the Cure – to find cures to women’s cancers.  The three quarter length round neck cotton tee features a simple but beautiful design of a tree with pink heart leaves and Herrera’s signature under the trunk.  But upon closer inspection of the leaves you will notice that they form all of the continents of the world symbolizing that this is something that touches women across the globe; something many of us have either personally or with friends or family been effected by.

You may purchase this shirt for $35 dollars at your local Saks or online.  You will also receive a charitable donation receipt with your purchase.  But even if it didn’t come with that, it is still a beautiful shirt for something so very important.

Get yours soon because they are a limited edition.