What’s old is still new(ish) – Full skirt, button down shirt and Gucci’s

I have had this skirt since 2011!  Then I had to stop wearing it for awhile when the scale started to inch up – boo!  But I’ve been trying to be good and guess what? It fits again!  This day I decided to get out of my denim wearing habits – almost – and wore this skirt instead of my usual jeans.  I paired it with a white button down (another timeless piece to have and have several of them) and a pair of Gucci espadrilles that I got in 2007.  Which leads me back to the title of this post.

I wore these shoes for awhile and then stopped for some reason and they were relegated to the back of the shoe closet.  Then one day  I was looking at shoes (it’s a weakness, what can I say!) online when I found their descendant and thought – bring them back out!  What goes around comes around.

FullSkirt1437-Edit FullSkirt1454-Edit FullSkirt1455-Edit


Until next time♥

Here are a couple of outtake shots from this look.  It was a little windy and then it became a lot windy! Hair and skirt went… 🙂

FullSkirt1444-Edit FullSkirt1445-Edit


Skirt – Talbots old mine (love that it has pockets) similar here and here

White button down – Jones of New York that I got at Marshall’s

Gucci Espadrilles (old pair mine) current version here

Shoe Moments – Menswear Trend

Women have been wearing certain articles of men’s clothing since…well, a very very long time now!  What first comes to my mind is Marlene Dietrich in that tailored to fit her figure tuxedo in the movie Morocco circa 1928.  And of course there was Katherine Hepburn who was most often seen – when not filming – wearing trousers.  So you see, the menswear trend is nothing new it comes and goes like many other fashion trends.

  Josephine Baker  hepburn1 (Images from Swing Fashionista)

But this isn’t about women in the menswear clothing trend (although I do love a mans white shirt and some boyfriend jeans) this is about the trend in shoes.  Maybe I’m just a bit tardy to the party, but this year the trend seems to have exploded into full out what has been traditional men’s shoes for women.  And I’m not talking about wearing a pair of Converse or Vans sneakers either.   The styles have gone from being “prettied up” versions of  his shoes to “Hey! I think my boyfriend/husband/dad/brother/uncle/grandfather has a pair just like this!”

Photo taken @Saks 10022 Shoe

These remind me of jazz class dancing shoes.

Alisa Oxford currently on sale @Cole Haan for $89.95

Some of the more feminine menswear shoes I can see like the Alisa there.  They are comfy to wear and look great with jeans and slacks but there are some that have just gone too into “his closet” for my tastes.  If you love them and want them by all means go forth and strut your stuff.  I think they look great on a younger edgier crowd but as for me and my shoe closet – we can’t do some of these.

(Image from Saks) $475.00

Alexander Wang @Saks. This so reminds me of the early Beatles but check out the cut out heel on these.

(Image from Neiman Marcus)  $795.00

Cute Valentino but not quite my cup of tea.

Quintin Calf Oxford Shoe - Ralph Lauren Collection Collection Shoes - (Image from Ralph Lauren)

See what I mean by some shoes being almost indistinguishable from your guys shoes.

Don’t think I am bashing the trend, no I am not.  Just me and my take on the trend.  There are some menswear shoes that I think are just great and I would and have worn them.  Take these Gucci’s for example.  The booties rock the style in a way that I think is fantastic.  Sleek and stylish but not deep into his closet – unlike the grey oxfords next to them.  I have a pair of similar to these booties and have worn them with skirts, dresses, jeans and slacks and have gotten many a compliment.

Photo taken @Saks 10022 Shoe

Lace up Oxfords $695.00  Booties $675.00

(Image from Saks) $425.00

I can’t help myself – having a girlie moment here! These RED Valentino’s are too adorable.  I’d rock these in a minute.

  (Image from Steve Madden) $129.95

(Image from Steve Madden) $89.95 some colors on sale now for $59.98

Would you, could you, do you wear this trend?  Do you like it or not?  How do you /would you wear this?  Leave me a comment 🙂  I’ll be covering another trend in menswear shoes soon – the smoking slipper.