OPI Washington, DC Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

By Kerry Washington from you know what show – Scandal.  It was treat myself to a day at the spa and instead of keeping with my chipper bright colors of summer I tried out one of her new colors.  I will say that two of the colors – Pale to the Chief (which I picked) and Never a Dulles Moment – can be worn year round.  But hey! You wear what you want when you want but these are slightly darker colors but great ones.  I can definitely see me wearing some of these colors this fall and winter.

The only colors I didn’t like were the green shades.  They reminded me of green smoothies and wet grass; not feeling them but you may love.  Check out the color line here

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Wash DC OPI colors copy Pale to the chief nails copy


Wax, thread or tweeze?

Once a well defined eyebrow became the beauty standard we have been torturing ourselves with various ways to keep that hair above our eyes in perfect alignment.  Some have shaved them off and drawn them back in – you know you’ve seen that.  They can be tattooed on now – that has got to hurt – and we’ve been tweezing them one at a time for eons or having them ripped from our skin with wax.  In recent years an old technique for facial torture has become popular – threading.  The origins of threading are ambiguous with some believing it came from the middle east or south Asia.  All I know is that some years ago it went from being relatively unknown to me in the Midwest USA to there being threading shops in every strip and larger mall.

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But let me back up for a moment.  If you want your face to look good, your eyes to look wider and possibly even brighter then a well groomed brow is required.  I’ve always had thick brows and once I had my eyebrows arched (when my mother finally let me in my teen years) I never went back.  Basically with getting these strips of hair tamed it comes down to pick your pain of choice.  I won’t lie to you, no matter how you get it done it will hurt!  It will be a one hair at a time hurt (tweezing), a hot wax (hopefully not too hot, had that happen once and lets just say things got ugly in that shop) that gets ripped off with a strip of cloth pretty quickly, or threading which takes a bit of time and depending on your pain threshold can be not that bad or this will end in tears.

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I’ve done all three ways of grooming my eyebrows and what I have found is this – if you are going to tweeze get yourself a very good pair of tweezers.  It will make all of the difference in the world and save you time.  Tweezerman found here is sort of the gold standard of tweezers.  You can go to a salon or DIY for waxing.  DIY was never an option for me as I wear glasses; I would’ve ended up with all kinds of jacked up brows had I tried it myself.  Waxing and tweezing (sometimes they go together) are supposed to last for weeks but it never did for me.  My hair grows fast!  So when I was told about threading and how much more precise and long lasting it was I gave it a go.

I end up crying some every time I get it done but after it’s done I have always been pleased with the results except for that one time this woman was overly zealous about getting hairs that weren’t even there IMHO and I ended up having some skin snatched off.  Yeah, it got ugly in that shop that day too!  It has since closed down thank goodness.  Word of advice, if they are starting to hurt you more than you feel is acceptable, tell them to stop right then and there!  Not worth having to have Neosporin on your eyebrow and eyelid for a few days…nope nope nope!

With threading you have to assist in the process as they have you hold the skin above and below your eyebrow so that they can get the shape right and all of the hairs.  It looks weird and it definitely feels a bit odd but it works and once I found a good place to get mine threaded I’ve never gone back to any other technique.  It really lasts weeks longer than the other ways.  As I’ve stated, it hurts, I tear up and turn red but within a few minutes of it being done I am admiring my well groomed brows with a smile and a jaunty raised eyebrow look.  And the cost is about the same as getting them waxed too.

The pain we go through to look good sometimes 😉  So what do you use to get your eyebrows looking sexy?



Scent of a woman or Phew! What was that???

Perfume, cologne, eau de toilette (yeah, that last one has always weirded me out) whatever you call that liquid which you spray, dab or sprinkle on yourself for fragrance sake.  It amazes me how many ways they can make it smell from being as sweet and soft as a rose to something that oozes sensual seduction.  Fragrances can make you smell like flowers, fruit, spices or anything else they come up with.  Musk is one I’ve never been fond of, it’s the name I suppose but I digress.

They begin to indoctrinate us early in childhood with wanting to smell like anything other than nice, clean and natural.  Oh I’m not saying it’s bad or anything of the sort, it’s just those marketing wizards hard at work.  I wish I could remember the name of that tiny perfume that came with the toy makeup set, you know, the one that looked like a little bottle of roll on deodorant and made you smell like candy but as I was trying to Google the name I found this:

Really? Baby cologne? A 6.8 oz for almost five dollars baby cologne available from Amazon? Why, isn’t the smell of the baby soap and lotion good enough?  When you start to wear perfume that you didn’t steal from your mother or big sister, then you have become a young lady or at least that’s the way I recall it.  Today there are so many brands and fragrances out there it can make your head spin literally and figuratively depending on the aroma and price tag (if you want to know how high they can go check out this list from 2015.)  Because I have allergies and have to use unscented almost everything, there are very few brands I wear and when I do, I dab it on oh so lightly.  I want him to come in close for a whiff – wink!

In my evolution of wearing fragrances I’ve tried Opium (the perfume not the you know what), Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, Bulgari Rose Essentielle, Love in White by Creed, Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom and the classic Chanel no 5.  Mainly now I wear the Bulgari when I want to be sexy and the Jo Malone when I want to wear a light clean scent; I really do love her fragrances and candles by the way.


Whatever your fragrance is it should represent you and more importantly be taken in by you and anyone that may be face to face with you.  It should be “Oh that smells nice what is it?” or “Hey baby, you smell yum tonight!” not “Who the hell is wearing that strong stuff!”  Oh come on now you’ve experienced it don’t try to act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The person who is wearing so much perfume you can still smell them after they’ve walked around the corner.  The fragrance that is so strong when you innocently walk into it you really walk INTO it!  The one that is so laden with perfume at the next table that you cannot enjoy your meal at a restaurant because your olfactory nerves are being attacked like a barbarian horde storming a castle.  This has happened to me; ruined a perfectly good lasagna dinner too.  If you want to put yourself in a Ziploc bag, pour the perfume on, seal it up and then marinate in it for a couple of hours before sharing with the world that is your business but please, it’s alright to keep your distance from me, I won’t be offended.  Sometimes sharing isn’t all that caring but I suppose it beats some au naturale bouquets.  My opinion, your mileage may vary.

Perfume is a personal thing and I think it should be just that.  It should evoke pleasant thoughts and memories.  So tell me, what are your go to fragrances… I’m listening.


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Just a little snippet here about skin care…

I spent yesterday tearing through my closet to get some outfits to wear to reboot this blog.  I can say I was thrilled that a few things have gotten very loose on me because I’ve been trying to eat better along with the hubs.  Mentioning the hubs…still irks me that men can drop weight so easily while our “padding” seems to love us dearly.  Such is life.  But back to today’s topic, the snippet.  I went for a haircut today and somewhere in there makeup came into our conversation and my stylist (who is a mere baby in her late 20’s) says to me that I don’t need to use a lot if any makeup, especially foundation, because my skin looks great already.  Thank you very much – your tip went up a few bucks.

So other than DNA, why does my over 50 year old skin look good even though I think it needs some help with a few sunspots from my pre-sunscreen days?  I have a couple of theories.  One, good clean living (snicker) and/or my father being VERY strict with me when I was living at home and forbade me wearing any makeup lest I go out looking like a painted woman.  Yep! That’s what he said!  And two, I started using moisturizer in my 20’s which morphed into moisturizer with sunscreen in my 40’s.  Because my skin is very sensitive I had to try different brands till I found something that clicked.

I started out with Oil of Olay back when it was just plain and simple Oil of Olay.  Then I changed to the Clinique 3 step system of cleaner, toner and then that yellow moisturizer of theirs.  I used that stuff forever until I ran across Keihl’s Abbysine creamwith sunscreen.  I was on that for forever (seems to be a lot of forevers in my beauty regiment, huh?)  until my sister (who is 10 years my senior) hooked me up with the really posh La Mer line.  La Mer doesn’t have sunscreen in its product, you have to purchase that seperately.

Now I flip between the Keihl’s (which is no longer the Abbysine, it’s the wrinkle reducing cream with SPF) and the La Mer for my face.  If the La Mer wasn’t so freaking expensive I would use it all the time because it really does give my skin the moisture it needs and makes it very soft.  The La Mer saved my poor face when I went dressed up one year for a Comic-Con (yes! I attend those) as Harley Quinn – full white face and all – and I had to wash my poor face red to get all that stage makeup off.  I used an extra bit of the La Mer on my face afterwards and my skin thanked me.

So having said all of that, if you want great looking skin throughout your decades take good care of your entire body (I didn’t say you had to be a saint just don’t ruin yourself…much) wash your face with the proper cleanser for you that cleans but doesn’t strip your skin and moisturize with sunscreen.  The earlier you start the better!   See you soon with fab and foxy fashions…and who knows what else 🙂

ps. If you want to see this well moisturized face, then check out the prior post with me in my Easter duds 🙂


Available at, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm (at least that’s where I’ve gotten mine from) Price starts at $170.00


Available at same stores as La Mer and also  Price starts at $54.00



This is what it looked like back in the day when I first started using it.  Can be found just about anywhere you look with the price starting around $20.00


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™

Can be found at any major department store, Sephora, Ulta and  Price starting at $14.50