Birthday Girl in Cobalt Tulle

Let me say this first!  You are never ever too old for a tulle skirt and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  Recently I had another birthday and to celebrate it I went back home to celebrate with friends and family.  The party was at YaYa’s Euro Bistro in Chesterfield, Missouri where we had amazing food and service – I just wished it wasn’t so hot in our private room; a heat wave outside wasn’t helping much.  I had my family and friends come and help me celebrate – I felt so blessed!

But lets get back to my party look shall we?  The skirt was custom made (see details below), the shoes were on sale, the tank top is always at a ridiculously low price, and the clutch was a last minute run to the mall purchase as I forgot to pack the one I had intended on carrying.  My nails actually matched the clutch; this was a happy coincidence.  I could get used to wearing tulle skirts…

Until next time ♥

BDhotelBalloons copy BDhotelBalloons 2 copy BDYaYas 1 copy BD purse heels



Tank top – HM here

Shoes – Aldo sold out try here or here

Clutch Purse – Neiman Marcus here

Tulle Skirt – Custom order from 2live2love.  Check her out she is magic!

OPI nail polish – It’s A Boy

Lipstick – MAC Russian Red

Birthday Button – My design Zazzle here

It’s our anniversary

What kind of a wedding are you planning or did you plan? Me? I wanted it to be an old fashioned church wedding with a priest and all of that good stuff with the organist playing our fave tunes.  Let me back that up a bit.  The organist would not play the Beatles music we wanted because it wasn’t church music so we had to go with classical music and the old fashioned wedding march for when I came down the aisle but the rest of it happened a I had hoped for.

As it was a second wedding for both of us, I walked myself down the aisle.  Or as I told some relatives “I’m giving my own damn self away.  Wait! I’m not giving anything away, oh the heck with it!” It was an interesting event as we had relatives and friends come from different parts of the United States along with Canada and England.  We were international and multi cultural!  It was funny when the priest said to our guests “Unless the Lord himself calls or texts, turn your phones off!”  Loved it!  And when we had to sign the church register he had to point out where to sign because I refused to wear my glasses.  I did not have a MAC makeup person come to the hotel to fix my face to have it covered by glasses.  Oh hell no!

At first I was just going to wear a really nice long dress but never could find one I liked.  Then I wanted to wear this tea length dress I liked from a bridal magazine – couldn’t find it either.  I could not believe I was actually buying and pouring through bridal magazines – did not see that one coming!  What to do what to do?  Eventually I stumbled upon a bridal shop that just happened to be having a sample sale.  Lucky me!  Narrowed it down to 3 gowns and finally went with this gorgeous baby.  The Maeve from Pricilla of Boston.  I fell in love with this gown.  It was made of silk taffeta and rustled when I moved in it.  I went from wanting to be grown and sexy to becoming Cinderella, plus it had pockets! POCKETS!!!  I actually stuffed my something old and borrowed into one of the pockets along with my glasses.  I had two head pieces also.  A traditional fingertip length veil for the church and a custom made by a friend fascinator for the reception.

Here’s a funny about the dress.  It was a bit big for me but I fell in love with it and they said their recommended alterations shop would hook me up.  They did a grand job because in the end the dress fit perfectly and the cleaners got the blood out from an alteration mishap.  Blood!  How’d that happen?  The woman working with me was pinning the dress for where it needed to be taken in and stabbed herself in the finger.  Blood on a light ivory dress.  I.freaked.out!  She calmed me down and said not only would my dress fit perfectly but that the cleaners they used would get the stain out.  She was right on both counts.

(Image from

Our color scheme was lavender/purple and white.  My flowers, the table decorations, the invitations – all in those colors.  Oh, and my shoes!  I found the shoes of my dreams in one of those bride magazines too but they were in pink.  I hunted them down like they owed me money and found that they also came in black and purple and what stores carried them.  Yeah baby!  While doing the gift registry at Macy’s in NYC (I was beginning to morph into a bridezilla by this time and really simple was sent packing!) we went into Barney’s and found the shoes but not in my size.  The sales woman, Solange, ordered my size from their store in Las Vegas and had them sent to my home.

My wedding shoes (mine are violet)  were Christian Louboutin Very Noeud.  I had some close relatives say they would laugh their behinds off if I stumbled and fell in these high heels coming down the aisle.  I walked – I got married – I rocked the night away in these heels never stumbling once while they had kicked their lower heeled shoes off.  HAH!

Planning a wedding can be nerve wracking and can make you want to strangle a few people but in the end hopefully it will all be worth it.  Whatever your style is – you do you with the fierceness!  But please try not to break any banks doing it.  Would I have changed anything about what I wore? Nope! Not a thing.  But I do wonder if after seven years of marriage could I fit into that gown.  Maybe I should just let that one slide and get back to cutting out the carbs and exercising more 😉

♥  Happy Anniversary, honey bunny ♥

Our wedding shoes w  BrideMe

Until next time ♥


Priscilla of Boston closed in 2011 sadly – Try this gown with pockets here

Christian Louboutins old pair mine no longer made – Try these heels here

Contemporary Spring Trunk Show @Saks

Yes! I love Saks and I just can’t help it that they throw amazing events that I love going to and darned if they didn’t throw another one recently;  a contemporary Spring trunk show that involved clothing and – joy of joys – shoes!  If you know me you know how I am about shoes and they had some new ones there that have not been to the Columbus Saks before.  Brands like Ash, Alice & Olivia, Joie  and more.  There were the wonderful guys serving the chardonnay along with the nummy appetizers but my focus was strictly on the shoes and clothing.

Ok, sure I took a detour at some of the Louboutin shoes (a girl can dream can’t she?) but there were some gorgeous shoes from the trunk show that had me ready to bust out the plastic and go for it.  I never thought I’d be one for wedge sneakers but the Ash ones they had there might just change my mind;  casual but with style.  It was also great to see that the shoes came in heel heights from flats and flat sandals to oh my high!   The Spring trend of brighter colors (Spring will you please get here – stat!) was very much on display with the shoes and clothing.  I was happy to see that peplums and cropped jackets are still with us along with leather for warmer weather.

Louboutin shoe 2 Louboutin shoe 1 Ash wedge sneaker

The event was hosted by local news person, Yolanda Harris, who did a bang up job working the crowd and Saks gave away gift cards in a raffle.  Five happy winners disappeared later into the beauty department which was hopping with their beauty week event.  It was a fun and busy day but let’s look at those shoes and fashions shall we?

Holiday Tag – I’m It!

Thanks to Uniquely Brandid’s blog post I’ve been tagged!  This is a tag I do not mind in the least bit although coming up with answers might test my brain a bit as I’m short on coffee at the moment 😉  So let’s see where this all ends up, shall we?

And now on to the questions!

1. What is your favorite Christmas song?

Oh good grief! I have so many!  It’s not Christmas unless I hear the Charlie Brown tune or Otis Redding’s Merry Christmas Baby for starters.

2. What is your favorite Christmas treat.

Garrett’s Popcorn – I am serious about this!

3. What is your favorite childhood Christmas memory?

Let me preface this by saying my parents were loving albeit a bit twisted in some ways (guess I know where my sense of humor comes from, huh?) but one year I crawled down the hall thinking I was slick and was going to peek to see when Santa brought me some goodies.  My parents knew I was there so the conversation went like this “Well, Santa will be coming soon but if he comes and sees any little girls trying to peek at him he will throw coal dust in her eyes and not leave her anything!”  Yes, a bit sick but you should’ve seen me backing it up fast down the hall and back into my room.  Not sure if it was Santa or my parents that I heard snickering.

4. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given?

When we gave the kids their very first Nintendo and Mario game.  I can still see them hopping up and down and hugging each other almost in tears because they got the game.

5. Do you make or buy keepsake ornaments for your family each year?

I used to make them when the kids were little ones, now I buy ornaments with the year on them for the tree for us.

6. Would you rather be one of Santa’s elves or a Reindeer?

I am not pulling jack!!!!  I will be one of the elves that helps Santa and hangs out at the mall with him.

7. Gift wrap or Gift bags?

Actually gift boxes!  Put the gift in the decorated box, tape shut, put on a tag and BAM! Done!

8. Do you own a Santa hat?

I’ve got antlers and an elf hat and one red top hat but no Santa hat.

9. Do you prefer Black Friday or Day After Christmas Sales?

Day after sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

Egg Nog with extra nog (wink wink) I prefer the soymilk version.

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Black Friday @Saks

Normally when you think about Black Friday sales your mind goes to toys, big screen televisions and other electronic goodies.  But there are more things out there to shop for like shoes, clothing, purses and cosmetics – believe it or not.  So when I heard that Saks in Columbus, Ohio was going to have specials for Black Friday for four hours I just had to see what they would do for this day.  They didn’t let me down!  When I arrived there were no lines outside of their doors as the mall had already been open since who knows when and most shoppers were already inside…hitting other sales before the 8am starting pistol sounded for Saks.

Everyone who entered the store knew just what they were going for and made a bee line straight for those items.  Two of the most popular spots were in the contemporary clothing department and in the handbags.  Seriously! Those two spots had shoppers on a mission.  Those clothing items and handbags didn’t see it coming until it was too late.  Women were walking away with armloads of shirts and dresses to go and match them with purses and shoes.  The shoe department was the next biggest draw even though most of their items were on pre-sale.  There were quite a few men in there too going for their sale items with shirts seeming to be most popular quest for them.

The shoppers came in waves.  One batch would come in and get what they wanted and head off to either waiting cars or someplace else only to be replaced after a brief lull by the next wave.  But it was those first couple of waves that scored the best deals.  And what else was Saks providing for its shoppers besides some pretty great deals?  Coffee, hot chocolate, and buttery croissants!  Once that station was open for the customers there was an almost constant line for the goodies.  I was one of the many who stood there waiting to get my needed shot of coffee and a tasty croissant in order to carry on.  Later on in the afternoon wine and petits fours were there to shore up the resolve of the shoppers along with a jazz trio providing music.  The Saks Yeti was also helping out.

As usual it was a great and busy time in Saks.  I am certain there will be other sales and events as the days towards December 25th wind down…and then we get to see what will happen with the after Christmas sales!

Scenes from Black Friday – The East Coast, South East and Midwest Edition

Black Friday is over and soon it will be Cyber Monday – just how much shopping can we stand?  Of course I’m being facetious but shoppers were out there in droves this past Friday.  There were bargains, there were sales, there were percentages off, and there were gift cards.  What did you stand in line for (or not depending on the crowd)?  Some parking lots were overflowing while others looked as if no one was coming.  Now perhaps that was due to some stores opening up late on Thanksgiving day or maybe by the time I and others got there their wave of shoppers had come and gone.

I did not see nor hear of any carnage from Black Friday shopping like people getting trampled or fights breaking out; maybe I just missed that news.  But here are some scenes from Black Friday shopping from some lovely friends and family who sent me their experience.  Represented here are Ohio, North and South Carolina, the D.C. metro area, Minnesota, and New Jersey.  So tell me, did you go out and what’s the best deal you scored?

Britt from South Carolina and My Big Beautiful Life deserves a medal for her Black Friday performance!  Not only was she up before the crack of dawn, she hit several stores and the gym before heading back home by 10am.  I salute you, Britt.  Here she is at Walmart, Belks, JCP and a cute shot of her head bow.


Shanticka from Minnesota and Spoon Full of Sugar sent in this photo of the snow and parking lot of her Best Buy.  I think they were a bit busy!

My nephew (no blogger he) sent me this picture from Staples in New Jersey taken at 4:52 in the morning.  Was that not a wild crowd standing in line at the door?

Karen from the D.C. Metro area of Your Stylist Karen shared the haul she was getting from the places she hit up:  Macy’s,  F21,  H&M and Loft.  Nice sweater there and did you fill up that sparkly shopping bag?

And Ashley from North Carolina of FabEllis shared mugging for the camera with her boyfriend while they stood in line for “less than two hours” at Belks in order to capture a $100 gift card for herself while boyfriend only scored a $10 gift card.  How did he get short changed?

And last but not least, yours truly did a few drive by shots of other stores here in Ohio before she hit her targeted mall and shopping spots (one in particular – Saks – to be featured soon).  These three had practically full lots by the time I drove past between 7 and 7:30 am.


Now just how many shopping bags could this person put in here?  I don’t think that big screen television is going to fit 😉

Interview with designer Rebecca Minkoff

On November 7th,  Saks at the Polaris Fashion Mall in Columbus, Ohio welcomed accessible luxury designer Rebecca Minkoff to town.  She brought with her many of her new handbag and accessory designs as well as some fun and fashionable ready to wear items.  Saks threw quite the party that night with all sorts of fun entertainment and food like chocolate MAB handbags for desert and a nail and smoky eye-bar to name just a few of the happenings that were going on.  Read about those festivities here.

But besides purchasing a new bag from her line, most of  her fans that night were there to have their handbags autographed and to have their picture taken with her.  It was a great night for all but I had some burning questions I wanted to ask her along with some that came from you, my readers.  So what did I learn from the lovely, charming, and left handed Sagittarius (I’m assuming she is a Sagittarius as she had that on one of her necklaces) with the beautiful smile?

We talked about many things:  being a mom, her travels, pizza  and yes, fashion!

How long does it take for you to get a product from concept to realization?

The entire process takes about a year from start to being delivered to the customer.  As a matter of fact we just put the finishing touches on our Fall 2013 line.  Even when we get it close to being completed there are still tweaks that we do to a product before it is finally completed but yes, it takes about a year.

Do you prefer to sketch out your designs or to actually hands on construct it first?

I can’t sketch anything anymore because it would take up entirely too much of my time.  I miss doing that but I would be busy doing that for entirely too long.  We have hired someone who does all of our designing on the computer with my putting in input of how I’d like things to be with her doing the modifications until it’s to the point of being ready to be made.

How much of your business would you say is handbags versus apparel?

Right now I would say my business is 80% bags and 20% ready to wear.  It is hard in the industry for handbag people to go from bags to apparel but that is where I started out – in apparel – and I want to get back into it at a larger level; make it a bigger portion of my line.

What inspired you to put the sayings on your pouches?

At first it was just a couple of us just talking to each other coming up with the ideas.  When we started to run out of new sayings we canvassed everyone in our office until they ran out of ideas.  Now we run “Name our latest Pouch” contests for ideas.

What is the meaning behind the “Morning after Bag” name?

At the time of the bags creation, every bag designer was giving their bag a girl’s name and I didn’t want to do that so I thought about the bag itself and how it might be used.  At the time I wasn’t married so my thoughts were along the lines of someone who might go out with the bag and be gone from day to a long night and possibly need to pack some extra things into the bag to carry them over for the ‘morning after’.

Thank you, Rebecca.  I had a grand time meeting and hanging out with you.