Some of you may already know my other blog, Images by T.Dashfield, and have seen the world as I’ve photographed it.  My blog here will still feature my photography or maybe I should say hubs doing the photography and me doing the editing  but on the fashion tip for us fly foxy over fifties – or anyone at any age.  Hey! being a fashion diva has no age limitations.

While I didn’t understand the fashion concept as a child, mom wanted to dress up her little girl as nicely as she could even if – when going through my tomboy phase – I was very hard on clothing.  I once hid a pair of pants I tore while jumping a fence so she wouldn’t ground me.  The fashion bug bit when I entered high school and it’s been with me ever since.

I’ve rolled with the trends ever since including the easily washable and “practical” clothing during the early child rearing days but never mom jeans!  Now I’ve reached a stage in life where I know what I like, what works on me and what is a good deal. Three important fashion things I’ve learned: 1.  If you find anything you love and it fits well – get it in at least one other color – especially shoes.  2.  Getting your clothing tailored to fit you is worth the money; if you find a good person/shop to do it KEEP THEM!  3.  As soon as you throw or give away something it will trend again.  Ok! That last one isn’t a hard and fast rule but I’ve seen it happen 😉

(Unlike my other blog where my images are available for purchase, the photos featured here will not be for sale unless stated so.  And as always, if you see an image you like please be polite and ask for permission to use it first.  Pirates are only fun at dress up parties.)


  1. It was the Spice Girls that turned me. Like you, I was a complete tomboy…until I discovered the magical world of fashion! I’ve had a few disasters since (*cough* space jackets and jelly shoes…too name a few!) , but like to think I look half decent these days 🙂

    I really love what you’re doing here. It’s nice to see your personality shine through, not only your pictures but your outfit too. If I look as a good as you when I’m over 50, I’ll be a very happy woman. Seriously, though…what is your secret?

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. I’ll be back soon. 🙂

    1. Awwwwww thanks, luv! I won’t talk about your space jackets if you don’t talk about my padded shoulder outfits (shudder!!!) Secret? Moisturize with sunscreen, be happy as often as possible, eat right…and cut up occasionally 🙂

      1. Yes, let’s put our fashion faux pas behind us! *shudder*

        Thanks for sharing your secrets. Are you telling me I don’t need all these expensive anti-ageing creams? Just smile and rip it up once and a while – I like that. I like that a lot! 🙂

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