Month: November 2016

Sock it to me – For Men

Let’s talk about socks baby 😉  The lowly sock that often loses its mate in the washing machine or dryer.  That item of clothing that pretty much spends most of it’s time hidden from view.  But wait! The times have changed!  Socks are now quite the fashion accessory for women and men.  They are being shown more and the colors and patterns? Whoa!

Let’s start with these hot socks for men that you can get at Neiman Marcus – appropriately named Happy Socks x Billionaire Boys Club.



And these from Nordstrom made by  Bugatchi.  I like the comic book ones myself.

Bugatchi Border Stripe Socks    Bugatchi 'Blocks' Socks  Bugatchi 'Comic Book' Socks

Men (and ladies) how do you feel about these kind of out there socks for the male of the species? Too much? Way cool? Only for casual times? Do you feel socks should just be in staid colors like black, brown, blue and maybe if you’re feeling a bit crazy about the edges stripes?  Next time we will take a peek at women’s socks.


Until next time ♥