Wax, thread or tweeze?

Once a well defined eyebrow became the beauty standard we have been torturing ourselves with various ways to keep that hair above our eyes in perfect alignment.  Some have shaved them off and drawn them back in – you know you’ve seen that.  They can be tattooed on now – that has got to hurt – and we’ve been tweezing them one at a time for eons or having them ripped from our skin with wax.  In recent years an old technique for facial torture has become popular – threading.  The origins of threading are ambiguous with some believing it came from the middle east or south Asia.  All I know is that some years ago it went from being relatively unknown to me in the Midwest USA to there being threading shops in every strip and larger mall.

Image from spasalon.com

But let me back up for a moment.  If you want your face to look good, your eyes to look wider and possibly even brighter then a well groomed brow is required.  I’ve always had thick brows and once I had my eyebrows arched (when my mother finally let me in my teen years) I never went back.  Basically with getting these strips of hair tamed it comes down to pick your pain of choice.  I won’t lie to you, no matter how you get it done it will hurt!  It will be a one hair at a time hurt (tweezing), a hot wax (hopefully not too hot, had that happen once and lets just say things got ugly in that shop) that gets ripped off with a strip of cloth pretty quickly, or threading which takes a bit of time and depending on your pain threshold can be not that bad or this will end in tears.

Image from wikihow.com

Image from goodhousekeeping.com

I’ve done all three ways of grooming my eyebrows and what I have found is this – if you are going to tweeze get yourself a very good pair of tweezers.  It will make all of the difference in the world and save you time.  Tweezerman found here is sort of the gold standard of tweezers.  You can go to a salon or DIY for waxing.  DIY was never an option for me as I wear glasses; I would’ve ended up with all kinds of jacked up brows had I tried it myself.  Waxing and tweezing (sometimes they go together) are supposed to last for weeks but it never did for me.  My hair grows fast!  So when I was told about threading and how much more precise and long lasting it was I gave it a go.

I end up crying some every time I get it done but after it’s done I have always been pleased with the results except for that one time this woman was overly zealous about getting hairs that weren’t even there IMHO and I ended up having some skin snatched off.  Yeah, it got ugly in that shop that day too!  It has since closed down thank goodness.  Word of advice, if they are starting to hurt you more than you feel is acceptable, tell them to stop right then and there!  Not worth having to have Neosporin on your eyebrow and eyelid for a few days…nope nope nope!

With threading you have to assist in the process as they have you hold the skin above and below your eyebrow so that they can get the shape right and all of the hairs.  It looks weird and it definitely feels a bit odd but it works and once I found a good place to get mine threaded I’ve never gone back to any other technique.  It really lasts weeks longer than the other ways.  As I’ve stated, it hurts, I tear up and turn red but within a few minutes of it being done I am admiring my well groomed brows with a smile and a jaunty raised eyebrow look.  And the cost is about the same as getting them waxed too.

The pain we go through to look good sometimes 😉  So what do you use to get your eyebrows looking sexy?




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