Gorgeous in Grey – Sexy in Silver

Since the dawn of discovering how to do it, women and men have been coloring their hair.  A trend I’ve been observing recently is young women coloring their hair grey deliberately.  This interested me because of the long association grey hair has had with being old; the granny look.  It had been much more acceptable, and may still be, for men to go grey.  The old wise man or sexy silver hunk image has been out there for a long time but then hair coloring for men became more acceptable and downright in vogue switching up that game.  How many of us at one time thought that going grey equaled that’s it I’m old or had friends and family “suggest” we color our hair to take years off our appearance?

I have fought the fight for many years as my hair strove to follow what my genes were dictating, those grey hairs popping up like dandelions in a well groomed lawn.  I’ve been coloring my hair for many years now and if I added up the cost – we won’t even calculate the time involved – of all of those DIY boxes and salon visits I could probably pay for a small house or at least a pretty nice new car.  I may be embellishing a bit there…maybe.  While some believe that there is a correlation between hair dye and serious health issues I do know that you can be allergic to hair color and that is a problem I’ve dealt with.  I’ve suffered itching and burning, taking Benadryl for the discomfort and even pouring milk on my scalp to soothe the irritation from some coloring sessions.  The struggle was too real!

Eventually I found one color at a professional salon that didn’t make me want to snatch my edges.  But alas, even that gave me some occasional mild itching and all for $70.00 every six weeks!  So when I started to look harder at the younger women coloring their hair grey, the growth of women I admired sporting their silver locks and finally me being so taken by this woman’s white streaks in her hair in the checkout line at H&M that I had to stop and compliment her – she told me how freeing it was – I decided to take the plunge.  Away with thee hair coloring!  I’m still getting used to the idea of becoming a “silver fox” and this growing out period is a pain in the ass but it is a work in progress and hopefully I will see it through to the very end.  I will be fortunate if I take after my parents because both of them had beautiful white hair.

So, does grey hair make you look old?  Should you not have long hair if it is grey? Any other stereotypes about grey hair you want to toss into the mix here?  Perception of age is in the eye of the beholder and how one feels anyway.  You do you!  Cheer me on with my hair journey and hopefully I stay the course.  Now tell me, will you/have you let nature take its course (or took the dye it grey plunge) or will they have to pry that box of hair color from your cold dead hands?


Until next time ♥


Here are some gorgeous celebrity silver foxes that we all know.



And here are some silver and going silver ladies from the blogging world.


https://catseatdogsmakesandbakes.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/img_5399.jpg?w=203&h=270  Clare at CatsEatDogs who lives in my old home town 🙂

  Pamela at Still Dating My Spouse


  Ty Alexander at Gorgeous in Grey

Mimi at Unlikely Martha



And of course, yours truly.



  1. I really like the look on so many OTHER women, but once I get about an inch grown out, I’m back to using that box. Perhaps one day I’ll ‘let it go’…. but you first 😆

  2. How beautiful!! I keep trying to convince my mother to just wear her natural silver hair, it looks so good on her and all these gorgeous women..thanks for sharing this post I have to have her read it.

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