It’s our anniversary

What kind of a wedding are you planning or did you plan? Me? I wanted it to be an old fashioned church wedding with a priest and all of that good stuff with the organist playing our fave tunes.  Let me back that up a bit.  The organist would not play the Beatles music we wanted because it wasn’t church music so we had to go with classical music and the old fashioned wedding march for when I came down the aisle but the rest of it happened a I had hoped for.

As it was a second wedding for both of us, I walked myself down the aisle.  Or as I told some relatives “I’m giving my own damn self away.  Wait! I’m not giving anything away, oh the heck with it!” It was an interesting event as we had relatives and friends come from different parts of the United States along with Canada and England.  We were international and multi cultural!  It was funny when the priest said to our guests “Unless the Lord himself calls or texts, turn your phones off!”  Loved it!  And when we had to sign the church register he had to point out where to sign because I refused to wear my glasses.  I did not have a MAC makeup person come to the hotel to fix my face to have it covered by glasses.  Oh hell no!

At first I was just going to wear a really nice long dress but never could find one I liked.  Then I wanted to wear this tea length dress I liked from a bridal magazine – couldn’t find it either.  I could not believe I was actually buying and pouring through bridal magazines – did not see that one coming!  What to do what to do?  Eventually I stumbled upon a bridal shop that just happened to be having a sample sale.  Lucky me!  Narrowed it down to 3 gowns and finally went with this gorgeous baby.  The Maeve from Pricilla of Boston.  I fell in love with this gown.  It was made of silk taffeta and rustled when I moved in it.  I went from wanting to be grown and sexy to becoming Cinderella, plus it had pockets! POCKETS!!!  I actually stuffed my something old and borrowed into one of the pockets along with my glasses.  I had two head pieces also.  A traditional fingertip length veil for the church and a custom made by a friend fascinator for the reception.

Here’s a funny about the dress.  It was a bit big for me but I fell in love with it and they said their recommended alterations shop would hook me up.  They did a grand job because in the end the dress fit perfectly and the cleaners got the blood out from an alteration mishap.  Blood!  How’d that happen?  The woman working with me was pinning the dress for where it needed to be taken in and stabbed herself in the finger.  Blood on a light ivory dress.  I.freaked.out!  She calmed me down and said not only would my dress fit perfectly but that the cleaners they used would get the stain out.  She was right on both counts.

(Image from

Our color scheme was lavender/purple and white.  My flowers, the table decorations, the invitations – all in those colors.  Oh, and my shoes!  I found the shoes of my dreams in one of those bride magazines too but they were in pink.  I hunted them down like they owed me money and found that they also came in black and purple and what stores carried them.  Yeah baby!  While doing the gift registry at Macy’s in NYC (I was beginning to morph into a bridezilla by this time and really simple was sent packing!) we went into Barney’s and found the shoes but not in my size.  The sales woman, Solange, ordered my size from their store in Las Vegas and had them sent to my home.

My wedding shoes (mine are violet)  were Christian Louboutin Very Noeud.  I had some close relatives say they would laugh their behinds off if I stumbled and fell in these high heels coming down the aisle.  I walked – I got married – I rocked the night away in these heels never stumbling once while they had kicked their lower heeled shoes off.  HAH!

Planning a wedding can be nerve wracking and can make you want to strangle a few people but in the end hopefully it will all be worth it.  Whatever your style is – you do you with the fierceness!  But please try not to break any banks doing it.  Would I have changed anything about what I wore? Nope! Not a thing.  But I do wonder if after seven years of marriage could I fit into that gown.  Maybe I should just let that one slide and get back to cutting out the carbs and exercising more 😉

♥  Happy Anniversary, honey bunny ♥

Our wedding shoes w  BrideMe

Until next time ♥


Priscilla of Boston closed in 2011 sadly – Try this gown with pockets here

Christian Louboutins old pair mine no longer made – Try these heels here



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