Month: March 2016

Just a little snippet here about skin care…

I spent yesterday tearing through my closet to get some outfits to wear to reboot this blog.  I can say I was thrilled that a few things have gotten very loose on me because I’ve been trying to eat better along with the hubs.  Mentioning the hubs…still irks me that men can drop weight so easily while our “padding” seems to love us dearly.  Such is life.  But back to today’s topic, the snippet.  I went for a haircut today and somewhere in there makeup came into our conversation and my stylist (who is a mere baby in her late 20’s) says to me that I don’t need to use a lot if any makeup, especially foundation, because my skin looks great already.  Thank you very much – your tip went up a few bucks.

So other than DNA, why does my over 50 year old skin look good even though I think it needs some help with a few sunspots from my pre-sunscreen days?  I have a couple of theories.  One, good clean living (snicker) and/or my father being VERY strict with me when I was living at home and forbade me wearing any makeup lest I go out looking like a painted woman.  Yep! That’s what he said!  And two, I started using moisturizer in my 20’s which morphed into moisturizer with sunscreen in my 40’s.  Because my skin is very sensitive I had to try different brands till I found something that clicked.

I started out with Oil of Olay back when it was just plain and simple Oil of Olay.  Then I changed to the Clinique 3 step system of cleaner, toner and then that yellow moisturizer of theirs.  I used that stuff forever until I ran across Keihl’s Abbysine creamwith sunscreen.  I was on that for forever (seems to be a lot of forevers in my beauty regiment, huh?)  until my sister (who is 10 years my senior) hooked me up with the really posh La Mer line.  La Mer doesn’t have sunscreen in its product, you have to purchase that seperately.

Now I flip between the Keihl’s (which is no longer the Abbysine, it’s the wrinkle reducing cream with SPF) and the La Mer for my face.  If the La Mer wasn’t so freaking expensive I would use it all the time because it really does give my skin the moisture it needs and makes it very soft.  The La Mer saved my poor face when I went dressed up one year for a Comic-Con (yes! I attend those) as Harley Quinn – full white face and all – and I had to wash my poor face red to get all that stage makeup off.  I used an extra bit of the La Mer on my face afterwards and my skin thanked me.

So having said all of that, if you want great looking skin throughout your decades take good care of your entire body (I didn’t say you had to be a saint just don’t ruin yourself…much) wash your face with the proper cleanser for you that cleans but doesn’t strip your skin and moisturize with sunscreen.  The earlier you start the better!   See you soon with fab and foxy fashions…and who knows what else 🙂

ps. If you want to see this well moisturized face, then check out the prior post with me in my Easter duds 🙂


Available at, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm (at least that’s where I’ve gotten mine from) Price starts at $170.00


Available at same stores as La Mer and also  Price starts at $54.00



This is what it looked like back in the day when I first started using it.  Can be found just about anywhere you look with the price starting around $20.00


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+™

Can be found at any major department store, Sephora, Ulta and  Price starting at $14.50