Can a slipper smoke?

Smoking as in “oh baby that is awesome” or smoking as in go outside for your cigarette break?  Who knows!  But apparently fashion does because I’ve seen a lot of flats lately that range from beautiful to just darn right odd with price points from very affordable to way out of my league that have been labeled as smoking slippers.  So what is a smoking slipper?  I know what a smoking jacket is having seen enough old movies but slippers?  All I can ascertain at this moment in time is that they aren’t your regular flats, not a ballet flat or oxford, but something a bit different.  Different but also easy to wear.   Comfortable and can go with practically anything.  I see no downsides here.

When looking at them from a different angle, one can see the “slipper” part…jury is still out on the smoking tag.  If you know the genesis of the moniker please share.

Photo taken @Saks 10022-Shoe  $650.00

When I saw these Miu Miu slippers the first thing I had to do was touch them.  They just scream “holiday party” don’t they?  Well, at least they did for me.  But these aren’t the only cutie slippers Miu Miu makes – check these out!

  Image from  Miu Miu  $650.00

Doesn’t this just make you want to click your heels together and say “There’s no place like home!” Oh fine! I know they aren’t ruby but you get my point.

Image from  Miu Miu  $650.00

These are just tooooooooo cute!

Image from $80.00

This rubber Melissa slipper can satisfy the animal print and smoking slipper trend all in one.

Jimmy Choo 'Wheel' Slipper Image from  $650.00

Just had to put this find in for my fave Brit person 😉  Jimmy Choo silver studs on fabric slipper.

Sam Edelman 'Alvin' Flat Image from $145.95

Same Edleman’s very colorful purple multi snake slipper.  Cute!  Also comes in black snake.

Image from  Studly-L for $99.95.

Media Image from  Panto $69.00

Another animal print – yay!



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