Key To The Cure Tee

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and you will – if you haven’t begun to already – be seeing pink sprouting up everywhere.  Besides those who always wear their pink ribbons, you will be seeing more pink clothing worn this month live and in the media.  Food and drinks are going pink as well with many restaurants and stores offering special pink drinks and other food items.

But this isn’t about pink on others or food, this is about pink on you!  The designer Carolina Herrera has made a limited edition t-shirt sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue with 100% of the proceeds going to support Saks campaign – Key to the Cure – to find cures to women’s cancers.  The three quarter length round neck cotton tee features a simple but beautiful design of a tree with pink heart leaves and Herrera’s signature under the trunk.  But upon closer inspection of the leaves you will notice that they form all of the continents of the world symbolizing that this is something that touches women across the globe; something many of us have either personally or with friends or family been effected by.

You may purchase this shirt for $35 dollars at your local Saks or online.  You will also receive a charitable donation receipt with your purchase.  But even if it didn’t come with that, it is still a beautiful shirt for something so very important.

Get yours soon because they are a limited edition.



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