Shoe Moments – Would you? Could you?

If you didn’t know already, I absolutely adore shoes.  But this post isn’t about me, it’s about a jaw dropping stop you dead in your tracks pair of shoes by premier designer, Guiseppe Zanotti.  Zanotti is an Italian designer who started his fashion career in the 1980’s…after being a DJ for awhile.  Really now?  He free-lanced with several fashion houses such as Valentino, Dior, and Missoni before branching out with his own designs and manufacturing.  He has some amazing shoes in his collection and this baby has to top them all.

I was standing there staring at this curved wedge platform ankle peep toe boot (which I might add showcases the mixed media trend)  gingerly touching the spikes when a salesman came up and told me that they had only had the shoe in stock for a couple of weeks at the time and it had already sold out to the point that all they had left at the moment were two pairs including the display ones.  Really? Wow!  And these are real metal spikes on this shoe which, as I picked it up and weighed it in my hands, had a wee bit of heft to it.  To me, the shoe is more of a work of art than something wearable but that is just me.  The “no heel” bit would make it dodgey enough to walk in for me let alone all of the embellishment.  I’d do myself damage.  But there are some style mavens out there somewhere rocking this bad boy which lists for $2950.00.  You go, girl, not everyone can!

So tell me:  would you, could you, wear this and how would you complete your look?

Photo taken at Saks, New York.  (The crystals on the shoe are all clear; colors shown in image are result of reflections from surroundings).  Shoe available at Guiseppe Zanotti online and other fine department stores.  GZ shoes also available at Zappos, Shopbop, and Bluefly to name a few.



  1. It has a ‘I have to be innovating and cool so I’ll do this’ vibe over it. I don’t know, the whole spike thing seems to be ‘trendy’. Not my thing really. Besides seems like there is a toe slapped on, some sparkly things, and well, let’s be daring, spikes in the back. Because the competition has them on the side.. And 3,000 dollars, ridiculous for something that shoe ugly. If someone else fancies them, by all means. Different strokes, different folks.

    Would I wear them? No, I wouldn’t wear them, I’m too clumsy as it is. Would do serious damage to my surroundings and myself sooner or later, unfortunately.

    I’d buy some cheaper similar boots, and just stick glitters on, and spikes if you really want to.
    You could be done for a couple of hundred dollars, if that.

    As a work of art I could appreciate it, see beauty in it, but not as a shoe. No offense.

    1. Well, the mixed media trend is big this season and in some cases I am right there with them but this? I salute those who can wear and afford these; pretty to look at but I would do myself harm trying to wear them. Frankly, I’d love to see a complete ensemble. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Not sure how one would combine this. It has a whole punk retro vibe, so maybe a punk outfit, with punk hair. Either that or for example a silver glitter dress, and a fitting hair and makeup look, and put little bright colored corks (with glitters) on the spikes, matching parts of the style.

    Maybe he just wanted to make a statement about this type of shoe. Where the glitters stand for the beauty aspect of the shoe (perhaps going back to the historic beads and glitters that were give to women during the colonization of the america’s), and the spikes of the danger of wearing this going back to nature. Giving it a nice visual and emotional conflict between human and nature effect.


    I love some of his other work, without a doubt, he has made some absolutely beautiful shoes to look at.

    Nicely written article and pictures by the way, almost forgot to mentioned that. Was a blast to read.

    1. I have some of his less dangerous shoes posted in an earlier review here but I like your interpretation of the shoe. Personally I think wearing tights or skinny pants with this would look far better than bare legs with something else (dress, tunic top, etc.) on top that would not fight for attention with the shoes.

      Glad you enjoyed the article and pictures.

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