Oh Tory!!

I have a few things by Tory Burch – especially her Reva flats – but I don’t have a single Tory handbag.  The Robinson line may just change that.  The other day when strolling through the handbag department at Saks with a friend,  we nearly gave ourselves whiplash when we walked past this beauty.  Putting it in reverse, much cooing over the bag was done before returning to what we needed to do.  But the memory of the bag was safely filed away in my memory.  When I returned for FNO I walked through the handbag department to say hello to the bag and lust after it again only to find it gone.  Unhappy sigh……..

But happiness returned when the bag showed up on the arm of one of the models during the fashion show that night.  I could’ve sworn it waved at me.  This baby is on my Christmas list – my new crave!    It must be working it’s magic across the land because I recently got a message from a friend saying that someone she knew had just sent her a text about being on the hunt for the bag.

The Robinson line is named after her parents and in her words “epitomizes classic style.”  I believe it.  The line comes in a variety of colors and styles.  This one is the dome satchel in Alpine Snow; listing for $595.

Available at toryburch.com and all other fine department stores.

Photo taken at Saks during FNO



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