Shoe Moments – When is it worth the hurt?

There are some shoes out there that will just put a hurt on you by pinching, rubbing, or causing your feet to swell so that if you removed your shoes getting them back on would require a crowbar and some axle grease.  They don’t have to be cheapo or low end brands either.  Sometimes even the best of shoes, the best of leathers, the best brands can do a number on you.  They’re cut too narrow squeezing your toes into numbness;  the pitch  is ridiculously high and can only be managed by someone with years of training in ballet or you have to walk slowly and carefully for fear of going splat to name a few.  I can see some heads nodding out there.

When it comes to shoes why do we torture ourselves so sometimes?  I can’t explain it other than, speaking for myself, sometimes the shoe is just so darn freaking drop dead got to have it gorgeous that we are willing to suffer for those moments of being fierce, fab, and slightly crazy.  Now if it is an event where you will be sitting down a lot and walking short distances then carry on looking marvelous, darling.  But if  it involves being on your feet for most of the wear time or dancing  – I salute you if you can do it without suffering – but this one hit the wall of can’t do this anymore with one particular pair of Pradas.  That day still brings a tear to my eye.

Hunting for a pair of nude pumps I saw them!  A light from above shone down upon them  (Ok, so it was the track lighting).  Tried them on in the store, walked back and forth with nary an issue and then home we went.  The next day practicing wearing them (on the carpet, I know the rules of return) I  thought “I’m good! Woot!”  The day after tried them on for a little bit longer to see if luck was still with me; luck had packed its bags and left town.  One foot was still great but the other one was sinking  deeper into the pain zone.  I might add that is the foot I fractured a few years ago and since then it hates me and my shoes sometimes.  A few more days of trying this that and the other hoping it would get better only resulted in the sad truth – it wasn’t going to happen without more pain than I was willing to accept.  They were a beautiful pair of Pradas but they had to be returned.  Ow!

So what is your take on the question: When is it worth the hurt?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Pradas before I had to bid them ciao



  1. Ah, to be young again. When hubby and I were dating we lived in the burbs of Chicago. Dates were spent in the city and when you’re on Michigan Ave….well lets just say tennies won’t cut it. AND I guts it out, suffered through the pain,and looked hot in the process. Now a days, it’s tennies baby cause I don’t care what hubby or anyone else has to say (I think that attitude comes with age). It’s comfort all the way even if it means I’m featured in the “don’t wear this” section of Glamour magazine…lol

    1. Thank you for commenting. I’m fighting tooth and nail to not give up the high high heels but sometimes modifications (read lower heels or go with wedges) run the show. Your “don’t wear this” comment is a hoot!

  2. I find that, now more than ever, ANYTHING with a heel is a no-go for me. I’ve been out of practice for so long! I used to be able to wear whatever I wanted, and pain was not a problem for me.

    To answer your question, it’s never worth the hurt or the embarrassment of walking around like a zombie because I can’t walk in the shoe. LOL

  3. Nothing looks worse than someone in fierce shoes walking like a 90 year old because her feet hurt! I’m like most ladies, wear them around the house with socks if necessary. In my youth, I’d put them on and go but now, I analyze where I’m going, how far I have to walk and how long I’ll be on my feet. Oh, I still rock the stilettos but always after careful calculations. In fact, I usually have them cut down about 1/4 inch at a fantastic repair shop near me and that makes a BIG diiference in the “wearability.”

  4. Nope, those days are gone forever, if they hurt, they go back!!! I will wear them too big but never too small or too tight. There are just too many designers out there and too many places to buy that it doesn’t make sense to fall in love with just one pair, think like it as car purchase – lots of other models and colors- lol. I do, however, love those Pradas but don’t suffer gurl, it’s not worth it now and definitely not worth the price later you will pay later – think orthopedic shoes!

    1. Oh no!!!! She said the “O” word shoe! LOL They were to die for but I couldn’t hang with them so back they went. I miss those days of being able to wear anything but so happy designers have realized that some of us like being just a bit closer to the ground…a bit.

  5. The thing about wearing shoes that are uncomfortable is that you modify your walk and start looking very unglamourous in doing so. And I absolutely hate to see women taking their shoes off at the end of the night and walking to the car barefoot but all dressed up. I’d rather wear a wedge or slightly lower heel and feel fantastic the whole night or event. Some shoes just have a fight toe-box or a seam happens to rub but that doesn’t mean all high heels have to go. I have a couple pair that are forever high and they are very comfortable. It jsut means you need to keep searching. 🙂

    1. I could not agree with you more! It is rather “undignified” to see women walking out with shoes in hand all dressed up. The search is continuing and I am sure there are some comfy to die for pairs out there. Thank you for your insights and stopping by.

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