Fashion’s Night Out – Preview

Last night was so much fun @Saks in Columbus, Ohio.  Chardonnay, so much good food, music, fashion (and that included some of the crowd), dancing, and the cutest baby English Bulldog ever!  Yours truly was rocking a semi-smoky eye and her FNO tshirt that was the envy of the crowd because I was the only one with the long sleeved grey one.  Score!

Cya later with more.

           Awesome fashion.

  Baby George.

Guess who in her FNO official tshirt and Tory Burch sparkly flats 🙂



  1. An English bulldog is not as cute as a South African bulldog…and I like being cuddle like that too…. the … the entree looks good mmm tasty… and the model in the last photo… is she a Victoria Secrets model…???

  2. Oh my God, TD, why didn’t you tell me you are one hot Mama! Good grief! Tell that hubby of yours to hang on tight! You’re soooo cute rockin’ that T-shirt. Loved the pics and can’t believe that you’re an Ohio girl which is my home state (Cleveland). You go, girl!

    P.S. When did Columbus become so interesting? 🙂

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