10022-Shoe – THE shoe salon

When I first read some years ago that Saks in New York was going to open up a shoe department so huge that it had it’s own zip code my eyes glazed over and I went to my happy place.  As a salmon must swim upstream to do what it must, I had to do what I needed to do – go!  And I’ve been several times since.  Now in its fifth year of making shoe lovers giddy with delight it has just gotten bigger and better.  How can this be you may ask?   It has been redesigned now showcasing their fashion and contemporary shoes beautifully on the same floor including new never seen before designers such as Rachel Roy, Vince and Anniel to name just a few.


The floor is bright and very stylish with chic lighting fixtures, a multi-media video screen on the wall highlighting whats trending now, the ever so helpful staff and – this is the one that bowled me over besides the shoe selections of course – they have iPads scattered throughout the floor for customer use to browse Saks.com and Sakspov.com (do check out Sakspov.com – awesome stuff on there).  As I said to the salesman helping me in my shoe quest while exploring the iPad, “How very cool! You can shop while you shop!” A great marketing technique there Saks; fashion and technology.


Once the doors open on the express elevator to the shoe floor and you are greeted with the panoramic view of so many shoes not a big enough closet at home, you take a deep breath and decide which direction to go in first.  You can do like I did last week and just do a quick scouting mission along the periphery before going back and taking in targeted sections and designers or you can just take your time wandering amongst the displays.  Whatever is hot, whatever is trending, whatever is just OMG look at that! It is here.  The color for fall, burgundy, was present as were the menswear styles along with plenty of jewel tones and don’t even get me started on mixed mediums.  Opulence was in the house.


Here is a cute little factoid for you as relayed to me by a floor manager.  The zip code, 10022, is the same as the square footage of the shoe floor itself and they have over 100 thousand pairs of shoes in stock.  Again I went to my happy place envisioning that scene from the movie American Beauty where instead of lolling about in a pile of rose petals I was wiggling in a pile of shoes – soft ones of course.  I must confess that there were some shoes that just baffled me as to how anyone could stand in them let alone walk anywhere (not you Victoria Beckham and Lady GaGa – you two have mad skills with wild shoes) and some of the studded ones were just dangerous looking works of art; more about one pair in particular later.

  Giuseppe Zanotti

My salesman, Derrick Snyder, was very good at knowing about the shoes there.  He would tell me without my even asking how large or small, tight or loose a shoe ran before I even formulated the question in my head and when bringing me shoes to try on he would always bring a pair in a size above and below what I asked for just so I could try on another size if necessary right then and there without having to ask him to go back and get another pair.  Nice! He walked with me from one side of the shoe floor to the other assisting me with my quest for a new pair of shoes (like I needed another pair; it’s my weakness what can I say) until I settled on a cute as all get out pair of Kate Spade New York glitter loafers.

If you’ve never been to 10022-Shoe then please add it to your bucket list – now!  And if you’ve been before treat yourself to the new shoe salon experience.  While you are there ask for Derrick and tell him hello for me.



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