Month: September 2012

Shoe Moments – Menswear Trend

Women have been wearing certain articles of men’s clothing since…well, a very very long time now!  What first comes to my mind is Marlene Dietrich in that tailored to fit her figure tuxedo in the movie Morocco circa 1928.  And of course there was Katherine Hepburn who was most often seen – when not filming – wearing trousers.  So you see, the menswear trend is nothing new it comes and goes like many other fashion trends.

  Josephine Baker  hepburn1 (Images from Swing Fashionista)

But this isn’t about women in the menswear clothing trend (although I do love a mans white shirt and some boyfriend jeans) this is about the trend in shoes.  Maybe I’m just a bit tardy to the party, but this year the trend seems to have exploded into full out what has been traditional men’s shoes for women.  And I’m not talking about wearing a pair of Converse or Vans sneakers either.   The styles have gone from being “prettied up” versions of  his shoes to “Hey! I think my boyfriend/husband/dad/brother/uncle/grandfather has a pair just like this!”

Photo taken @Saks 10022 Shoe

These remind me of jazz class dancing shoes.

Alisa Oxford currently on sale @Cole Haan for $89.95

Some of the more feminine menswear shoes I can see like the Alisa there.  They are comfy to wear and look great with jeans and slacks but there are some that have just gone too into “his closet” for my tastes.  If you love them and want them by all means go forth and strut your stuff.  I think they look great on a younger edgier crowd but as for me and my shoe closet – we can’t do some of these.

(Image from Saks) $475.00

Alexander Wang @Saks. This so reminds me of the early Beatles but check out the cut out heel on these.

(Image from Neiman Marcus)  $795.00

Cute Valentino but not quite my cup of tea.

Quintin Calf Oxford Shoe - Ralph Lauren Collection Collection Shoes - (Image from Ralph Lauren)

See what I mean by some shoes being almost indistinguishable from your guys shoes.

Don’t think I am bashing the trend, no I am not.  Just me and my take on the trend.  There are some menswear shoes that I think are just great and I would and have worn them.  Take these Gucci’s for example.  The booties rock the style in a way that I think is fantastic.  Sleek and stylish but not deep into his closet – unlike the grey oxfords next to them.  I have a pair of similar to these booties and have worn them with skirts, dresses, jeans and slacks and have gotten many a compliment.

Photo taken @Saks 10022 Shoe

Lace up Oxfords $695.00  Booties $675.00

(Image from Saks) $425.00

I can’t help myself – having a girlie moment here! These RED Valentino’s are too adorable.  I’d rock these in a minute.

  (Image from Steve Madden) $129.95

(Image from Steve Madden) $89.95 some colors on sale now for $59.98

Would you, could you, do you wear this trend?  Do you like it or not?  How do you /would you wear this?  Leave me a comment 🙂  I’ll be covering another trend in menswear shoes soon – the smoking slipper.

Shoe Moments – Would you? Could you?

If you didn’t know already, I absolutely adore shoes.  But this post isn’t about me, it’s about a jaw dropping stop you dead in your tracks pair of shoes by premier designer, Guiseppe Zanotti.  Zanotti is an Italian designer who started his fashion career in the 1980’s…after being a DJ for awhile.  Really now?  He free-lanced with several fashion houses such as Valentino, Dior, and Missoni before branching out with his own designs and manufacturing.  He has some amazing shoes in his collection and this baby has to top them all.

I was standing there staring at this curved wedge platform ankle peep toe boot (which I might add showcases the mixed media trend)  gingerly touching the spikes when a salesman came up and told me that they had only had the shoe in stock for a couple of weeks at the time and it had already sold out to the point that all they had left at the moment were two pairs including the display ones.  Really? Wow!  And these are real metal spikes on this shoe which, as I picked it up and weighed it in my hands, had a wee bit of heft to it.  To me, the shoe is more of a work of art than something wearable but that is just me.  The “no heel” bit would make it dodgey enough to walk in for me let alone all of the embellishment.  I’d do myself damage.  But there are some style mavens out there somewhere rocking this bad boy which lists for $2950.00.  You go, girl, not everyone can!

So tell me:  would you, could you, wear this and how would you complete your look?

Photo taken at Saks, New York.  (The crystals on the shoe are all clear; colors shown in image are result of reflections from surroundings).  Shoe available at Guiseppe Zanotti online and other fine department stores.  GZ shoes also available at Zappos, Shopbop, and Bluefly to name a few.

The Speedy Retrospective party at Louis Vuitton

The doors were closed early to the public as the staff inside began preparations for the evenings event.  The Speedy handbag displays were set up while the catering staff from Cameron Mitchell restaurant put the final touches on the evenings offerings.  With everything and everyone ready,  invitees names were checked off at the door and the event began at the recently opened Louis Vuitton store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.  And what a night it was!

This was a combination event;  to welcome customers to the new store and to honor a Louis Vuitton icon – the Speedy – in its many incarnations.  And does it ever have multiple incarnations!  There were two display walls of different Speedies; some still available, some rare classics, and some were just incredible.   LV has collaborated with artists in the past and this year is no exception with the stunning Yayoi Kusama bags and accessories that were in the store, but we will talk about that in a later post.   There was a Speedy made of ostrich skin,  that fantastic denim bag that they no longer make (darn), and the one $20,000.00 mink Speedy pictured below.  Well, fur is a fall trend after all.

LV staff members gave the guests a tour of the store and a history of each Speedy bag that was on display.  Such a wealth of information was provided…who knew!  Impressive.  There was even a lady there who showed you how they make the bag handles.  Now I assumed that the handles were entirely machine made.  Guess who was wrong?  The handles – filled with a material called toron –  are machine stitched up to a certain part; the very end of the handles.  It is at that point that they are hand sewn, afterwards a certain dye is rubbed over the raw edges which gives them that iconic burnt umber color and then those edges are rubbed down to complete the look.  It was amazing to watch the demonstration and for the rest of the evening I looked at the handles on the bags differently; as works of hand craftsmanship.


The guests were served champagne, a very refreshing mint water, and a cocktail called the “Sweet Speedy” – get it – a Louis Vuitton custom made drink.  Ahi tuna and polenta triangle appetizers,  just two of the many yummies served, were accompanied by charming smiles and real napkins.  No paper napkins for this soiree!  The attentive servers were constantly moving about making sure everyone had what they wanted and if you didn’t they made sure that you received it quickly.  Even though I did not have any, white chocolate truffles were served as dessert.  Truffles and champagne? How elegant is that!

Guests busily perused what new purchases they wanted to make from the vast assortment of bags, scarves, jewelry, belts, and accessories while the people from Columbus Photo Booth began to take souvenir photos of the guests .  At first people were a bit hesitant to have their pictures taken but when the word got out that there were staff people available to assist you in creating the ensemble you wanted  – holding or wearing anything in the store for your souvenir photo – the fun quotient was kicked up a few notches!  It was adult play dress up time with some very nice items.  Your photo was printed in color or black and white upon request, available on the spot,  and given to you in a LV monogrammed paper folder.  All in attendance had a grand time and quite a few left with some new treasures.

    (photos taken by Columbus Photo Booth)

Thank you, Louis Vuitton, for a marvelous time.  The new store is just gorgeous.  Would you consider doing this again for the holiday season?

Oh Tory!!

I have a few things by Tory Burch – especially her Reva flats – but I don’t have a single Tory handbag.  The Robinson line may just change that.  The other day when strolling through the handbag department at Saks with a friend,  we nearly gave ourselves whiplash when we walked past this beauty.  Putting it in reverse, much cooing over the bag was done before returning to what we needed to do.  But the memory of the bag was safely filed away in my memory.  When I returned for FNO I walked through the handbag department to say hello to the bag and lust after it again only to find it gone.  Unhappy sigh……..

But happiness returned when the bag showed up on the arm of one of the models during the fashion show that night.  I could’ve sworn it waved at me.  This baby is on my Christmas list – my new crave!    It must be working it’s magic across the land because I recently got a message from a friend saying that someone she knew had just sent her a text about being on the hunt for the bag.

The Robinson line is named after her parents and in her words “epitomizes classic style.”  I believe it.  The line comes in a variety of colors and styles.  This one is the dome satchel in Alpine Snow; listing for $595.

Available at and all other fine department stores.

Photo taken at Saks during FNO

Shoe Moments – When is it worth the hurt?

There are some shoes out there that will just put a hurt on you by pinching, rubbing, or causing your feet to swell so that if you removed your shoes getting them back on would require a crowbar and some axle grease.  They don’t have to be cheapo or low end brands either.  Sometimes even the best of shoes, the best of leathers, the best brands can do a number on you.  They’re cut too narrow squeezing your toes into numbness;  the pitch  is ridiculously high and can only be managed by someone with years of training in ballet or you have to walk slowly and carefully for fear of going splat to name a few.  I can see some heads nodding out there.

When it comes to shoes why do we torture ourselves so sometimes?  I can’t explain it other than, speaking for myself, sometimes the shoe is just so darn freaking drop dead got to have it gorgeous that we are willing to suffer for those moments of being fierce, fab, and slightly crazy.  Now if it is an event where you will be sitting down a lot and walking short distances then carry on looking marvelous, darling.  But if  it involves being on your feet for most of the wear time or dancing  – I salute you if you can do it without suffering – but this one hit the wall of can’t do this anymore with one particular pair of Pradas.  That day still brings a tear to my eye.

Hunting for a pair of nude pumps I saw them!  A light from above shone down upon them  (Ok, so it was the track lighting).  Tried them on in the store, walked back and forth with nary an issue and then home we went.  The next day practicing wearing them (on the carpet, I know the rules of return) I  thought “I’m good! Woot!”  The day after tried them on for a little bit longer to see if luck was still with me; luck had packed its bags and left town.  One foot was still great but the other one was sinking  deeper into the pain zone.  I might add that is the foot I fractured a few years ago and since then it hates me and my shoes sometimes.  A few more days of trying this that and the other hoping it would get better only resulted in the sad truth – it wasn’t going to happen without more pain than I was willing to accept.  They were a beautiful pair of Pradas but they had to be returned.  Ow!

So what is your take on the question: When is it worth the hurt?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Pradas before I had to bid them ciao

Fashion’s Night Out @Saks – Part 2

This time we are going to take a look at the Men’s and Women’s Contemporary collections from Fashion’s Night Out at Saks in Columbus, Ohio.  The jewel toned colors trend is so so pretty and my fave!  Now turn up the music Mr. DJ and let’s get this show started!

    Alice & Olivia

Skirt by Milly.  I so want this!

Skirt by Rebecca Taylor


A new kind of tie rack courtesy of Mr. Living Statue.

Fashion’s Night Out @Saks – Part 1

Fashion’s Night Out is that special night when the stars, models, fashionistas, designers, and bloggers all across the country come out for fun and fashion.  I hope you were able to partake in this event wherever you are because yours truly had a great time attending hers at Saks at the Polaris Mall in Columbus, Ohio.  FNO, in its fourth year, is like a coming out party for falls fashion trends.  I love parties and Saks here definitely knows how to throw a bash, but let me back it up for a moment.   FNO is not just about what will be hot for the new season it is also about contributing to worthy causes.  In the case of this Saks, a portion of the nights proceeds went to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio (OCAO).

Saks really put out the food and entertainment for the night.  There were two DJ’s playing music  along with the charming young men from Brio Tuscan Grille passing out glasses of wine that complimented the nibbles being served throughout the store by local restaurants California Pizza Kitchen, Cantina Laredo, Eddie Merlot’s, Brio and Hilton Polaris.  Another bit of entertainment was the living statue guy of Joy Unspeakable.  I must say the man is very talented and truly fascinated (and scared) some of the shoppers that were in attendance.  He was good!

        You just never knew where he would appear and what he would be doing.

The night began with the hostess,  local news person and former Miss Ohio, Monica Day, who was wearing a Saks ensemble from designer Aidan Mattox.  She thanked everyone for attending; reminding all that a portion of the nights proceeds would be going to the OCAO.  Chris Gillespie, the OCAO President & CEO was introduced then and gave a brief talk about their organization.  As with other charaties who have a color to represent their mission, the OCAO’s color was teal which was shown on their bracelets and by some of the clothing worn by the models.

Monica and Chris Gillespie

Skirt by Pauw

The fall season must haves included the trends of mixed mediums, embellishments, jewel tones, the color burgundy/bordeaux, and leather.  I’m really loving the leather trend.  Layering was also shown with scarves and furs along with the menswear for women look; elegance was definitely on parade.

All in all it was a great night and Saks, you held a fantastic Fashion’s Night Out.  Now let’s look at the fashions shall we?

Styles from the Designer & Wear Now departments.

9/15 SFA   BCBG   Peplum top by Tahari

I want this Tory Burch bag!

Up next, styles from the Men’s and Women’s Contemporary collections.  See you there!